View apartment in the future city. Preliminary interior and furniture project.

Put in a blender cultures, innovation and traditions and you will get Tel-Aviv and its ability to surprise.

In this new and young city real estate operations increased in quantity and quality, and with them the demand for luxury housing.

For private clients we have developed a young interior that knows how to respect the right cocktail of tradition and novelty, all condensed in a small apartment on the top floor of the new mid-town.

The colors are fresh on very light shades of gray, almost white, which will be used for walls and ceilings, floor instead a very special marble floor of the same elegant gray with black streaks.

The furnishing details will be special and blacks, suggest as hi-tech pearls in an industrial-chic wrap, like the kitchen counter, a big black inverted triangle with kitchenette and dining table feature. The living and dining area is unique, we think a large mirror placed on the floor at the entrance to welcome you and make the home environment.

Basically everything is softened by the sofa fabric and a special chair that frames the view of midtown from the glass wall.

In the bathroom a walk-in shower interrupted a fully mirrored wall that goes by without stopping at the washbasins “wet areas”.

The two rooms have ceiling light effects that enhance the contrast between the neutral environment and padded headboard wall completely covered with leather panels.

The project is under construction, we are sure that will represent a new standard of elegance and industrial mixture.

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