Luxury penthouse in Kiev midtown, Eclectic between classic and innovative design.
Interior design and furniture management

The size is very large and is spread over an entire top floor group housing apartments.

The purpose of representation of the client are sadisfed with a large entrance with artistic wall, from the boiserie to the ottoman everything is made according with the drawing.
The lounge is spacious and fully glazed, and is divided by the furnishings.
The central area with TV talk directly with views of the large windows, on the one hand the “cigar” area have a leather wall with a built in fireplace, everythink custom by drawing.
The dining area is connected with the kitchen by an invisible door, inserted in a walnut paneling with an elegant whiskey bar niche, and an marine water aquarium.

The access to the sleeping area is by a long “gallery” with the family shield at the end.
In addition to rooms for children with wardrobe and en-suite bathrooms, a large floor area is occupied by the master bedroom, this offers an entrance area, a dressing room with seating for testing clothes for him and her, a large bathroom with shower area tub and makeup completely covered in marble.
Separate and more private master bedroom with three reading chair between the windows, here there are no closets, the room has a separating walnut wall with wood, the other walls are covered with white leather and blue velvet according with family shield.

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