Iron Concrete and Motors, Industrial recovery for masculine private loft. Concept project for interior and furnishing

Open spaces, iron columns and fully glazed wall, A real industrial recovery! A former stonemason, begins a new life making it an incredible loft.

The industrial character is fully respected by the project, enhancing and leaving exposed the typical architectural elements, the iron columns and even the ceiling, floor will be expected of crude wooden planks, and even the major technical chandeliers will be preserved.

The organization of the space is large and without divisions, the living area is characterized by a large element centered in space, a “bare wall” formed by a mesh of iron rods, which acts as a library, and recessed for the columns cuisine , behind it is possible to see the double height of stairs area, where a bent bare metal leads to the lower level. Suspended on the ladder with chains, and illuminated by spotlights theater: a classic motorcycle.
The toilet block is visible behind the iron mesh, and has the appearance of a black cube highlighted by bright details that make him be “suspended.”

Furnishings make the rest, the living area marked by large sofas and leather armchairs, the big work bench in black stone and steel, and the dining table with wood and iron.

Down floor is entirely dedicated to thr “Master Zone”, with a large bedroom with private bath and walk-in stone with color therapy. The confort continues with a gym overlooking the double height of the ladder, iron weights merges with the “library grid” that descends from the living area upstairs and the “motorcycle sculpture”, on the opposite side of the outside garden.

Always in communication with the outside area, a swimming pool with indoor Jacuzzi zone and a small spa with sauna and relaxation area open onto the garden.

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