Neutral contrast between classic and modern in the ex joinery.
Preliminary and engineering project for interior and furniture

In ex joinery spaces, completely renovated, a residential solution. We have adopted a simple and clean language, devoted to light and heat.

The walls are white in one of its hottest shades. The project is developed with the idea of a white casing that brings out the honey tones of the oak floor, the rest is done by the play of light in volume and texture tone on tone.

The living area protagonist is the stone, it cover two main walls with flakes of the same white of the wall, it will be the texture, along with perimeter lighting gorges to create a radical departure from the volume of the other walls. Custom sofas carpets and textiles are in natural shades to accommodate the environment. the flush doors achieve the purpose of enhancing the volumes without prevaricating.

The same logic is used for the stairs, a clean volume, which with particular technical details custom made, blends to the surface of the wall without solution of continuity, a built in the floor shaft acts as a parapet and allows to appreciate the most of the detail of the steps.

The dining area is a large open space and attaches a small living-conversation, the continuity of the environment is sectioned by a custom made chimney block, this central separation volume have library niches finished with exactly the plaster of the walls. The sofa area with two dark brown leather armchairs custom made adopts warm tones and invokes the warmth of wood and a good book by the fireplace; also the column centered in the passage is coated with the same leather. On the other side is the large oak table from the simple design with leather chairs in tone walls.

The kitchen, made from a specific design is apparently small, presents a consistent development of work plans, and optimal distribution of space and operational areas, very clean technical details facilitate usage and cleaning. The materials : quartz top and lacquered doors spot color walls, contributing to better integrate it into the environment.

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