Wood and details on white background.
Preliminary interior and furniture project.

A small interior design intervention, the key is the freshness and brightness of white shades and the warmth of the horizontal surfaces with a rope color.

The living area consists of a bright open space with kitchen and living room, to split them we have created a multi-functional piece of furniture that embraces both environments contain a dispensation on the kitchen side and tv area on the other, it serves as a fifth between the two zones, but it connects through a passing niche where we made a fireplace with known frame rough iron of which it is possible to appreciate the thickness.

In the sleeping room take importance a large wooden wall that incorporates a door for a small closet, custom made by drawing, in front of the bed under the TV embedded a niche with fireplace consolidates the romantic atmosphere of the room.

The convivial place with cellar and table for the partys is framed by wine wall, which can accommodate full-height more than 200 bottles, which are lighted by side led will create exciting reflections.

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