A warm and cozy nest for young client. Preliminary interior project engineering and furnishing management

A residential construction, a compact space for a young client, where it was necessary to optimize spaces and homogeneity of the environment, an operation supported by custom furnishings, and some adjustments were the key to this design solution.  To emphasize the brightness and volume definition was chosen a warm shade of white, the same color of the walls is used diluted on wooden ceilings, it allows you to appreciate the grain and knots giving a light but warm and enveloping sensation. To complete the feeling the furniture are custom lacquered with matt colore sampled by wall.  The dining area developed along the wall, offers numerous storage compartments, with the total absence of handles offer a very clean design, compact solution for the table does not preclude the ability to pull and stretch it to accommodate up to 6 people.

In contrast with the environment kitchen color, the working area that suggests a “box” iron-colored effect, which highlight the continuity quartzite effect of higher top floors and sidewalls. also here the total absence of handles and the use of design, not satin semi-finished industrial profiles details, allows to obtain a more uniform effect. The living area is equipped with a console and thick shelves in shades wall, made a drawing with details designed to enhance the volumes and not feel the thickness of the structures obtained an effect “carved into the chalk”.

The loose furnishings complement and define spaces, dining in the solution of stackable design sessions and transparent, minimizes the impact of this area, the living area is marked by a sofa bed tailored with neutral fabric, which allows to combine a session comfortable and spacious, and to extend the hospitable space. Stands the armchair reading the exciting and incisive prints, which is configured as a reference point acting as a work of art in a neutral context.  In the small hallway area two thin wall cabinets effect excellently solve a storage function, which maintains the homogeneity of space.

As with every detail that has been custom made by drawing, from the colors to the furniture upholstered furniture, even the lamps made to order with light cream colored fabric pander to the homogeneous character with the walls.  The sleeping area, in line with other environments, enhances the homogeneity and a concept of warm brightness. The big wardrobe made entirely from drawing is finished with a matte lacquer sample, to better enhance the volumes creating a wall effect, the wardrobe is divided into four very large sliding complanar doors, the opening is facilitated by milled handles on both sides made custom by the drawing.

The coplanar doors open overlapping perfectly, discovering an effect “treasure chest”, emphasized by ‘internal lacquered warm gray which together assist in neutral colors environment but warms and wraps the content thanks to the nuances given away by lighting leds. The inside of the wardrobe is very personal and is designed for the specific needs of the customer, the two central portions perform the more everyday functions; these are equipped with drawers, made with details that highlight the volume and the cleaning hiding the thickness of the structures. Is placed a tray with dividers and display glass in gray tones, that reveals the small accessories that will be placed there. In the case of metallic objects or jewelry small the bottom of the trays it can be covered in velvet or fabric of your choice. Full attention to detail a complete set of wooden hangers with wide shoulders and a sample finish as the wardrobe.

Placed in this room looking very clean a tv console suspended, although shallow in design allowed the realization of the capacious drawers provide it, that open through the wide crack that serves as a handle, even here the use of details emphasizes volumes and makes the homogeneous environment while ensuring a large storage capacity. Stands out in the bedroom area the head work of art, with a print made for the customer where the bright colors emerge and give input into the neutral character. Detail elements such as flexible lighting favor a distinct use of the two sides of the bed with two bedside tables freeing space that can lighten and mutate into simple plans support playful, colorful and transparent. The bed, custom made by draving and equipped with storage drawers, favors neutral colors and a soft appearance, enhanced by head and padded perimeter with beaded stitching done on a sample of which you can appreciate the detail.

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