The project of life

You are unsure about purchasing an item and accidentally the person assisting you to sell saying: It’s really good! This color illuminates her face! It’s your coat.
And ‘this is what you want to hear when you are unsure of a purchase!! Go home with your doubts and put away the coat that you’ll never use.

The coat on which you have more doubts

The coat on which you have more questions? Your home. Or your business. Or your first spaceship. Studio, disco, yacht or castle; you are buying something that you can not afford, and because you are full of doubts. If I were rich I would not have these problems. Mistake. I designed small apartments and houses for millionaires who seem to hotels, and I can assure you that in any case the expectations are always very high, and the project is the project of life, and I’ll explain you why. Because whatever the spending power that is a cost that can support very few times in life: one, two, carried away by three or four! They are still few. The millionaire will spend millions, and those who can not spend less, but still a lot, according to their capacity. Such spending requires more attention than a tie or a coat, and all your doubts stem from the fact that you can not afford to make mistakes!!

Design esclusivo personalizzato

The project of life

Design esclusivo personalizzato

The project of life

Your dreams projects

Now you must fight with your fears, it really is time to pull your head out of the shell. So begins the first stage of the investigation, to understand from which side you start for your project Not knowing where to begin, make no mistake you buy all the magazines, and devoted every weekend to wander aimlessly for more possible showrooms, trying to draw a map in your head of what you might like. This is the dreams stage, full of enthusiasm take the time to see things very well outside of your budget, shouting “just to give me an idea”
Result? A mess and a huge waste of time.

Are you confused and therefore vulnerable

Now that you’re confused and full of doubt, begins the phase where really you risk making mistakes. You do not know what to choose for your project. Wander in search of proposals or furnishing solutions to steal has really messed you. You have seen and evaluated definitely out budget solutions or completely unsuitable. Believe me, it happened very often have customers who wanted to “play” to evaluate if it could be a solution to their case or not. Losing both their that my time. They were simply dreaming and no trusting.

You are fine

The result of this phase will be that once exhausted, will seek a false certainty, mistaken tell you that all is well and that you’re fine! What are served your doubts and initial ideas? Those to do a project of life and not to make mistakes. The most classic example: Go into a fantastic ultramodern showroom, and you are literally struck by the exposed kitchen: a giant pantry niche area, an endless cooking island, books and design ornaments, and the large windows outside. A daydream. Is very expensive and the clever “committed” also shows you all of the great and unnecessary technical features, including the latest material extracted from Mars used for top, as if any damn about. Today you are lucky because the composition exhibited costs a lot, but your kitchen will have fewer modules, so the seller convince you that your home will stand out really well. You just bought an emotion, qthat you felt seeing in a kitchen showroom of 150sqm. Ask yourself why in your home, 15/25/35 sqm has another effect… but you just spent heavily to have this latest model with the Martian top!

The furnishing project with a professional

Whatever your budget, a professional for your project will allow you to skip many of these phases. Explain me why if you have to buy a family car go to see the supercar? Just because you are doing the project of your life you need to optimize the efforts, time and economic, on what is truly important to you. A serious professional, he never acts as a “salesman” who tells you that everything is beautiful, probably most of your taken and copied ideas will be rejected. Do not take it as a sign of selfishness, he is just trying to offer what is truly right for you and not just to sell you something. An architect rather than a salesperson will be a tailor.. He will listen to you and understand the measures your way of being, be packing a suitable project to your needs by offering you the right materials and cuts suitable to your “body.” You are doing an important dress, you can make one or a few in life do you really think it is not worth consult a professional? Surely rely on an architect will be much more useful than copying from magazines or doing showrooms indigestion, especially for the end result.

If you look for someone to tell you what you want to hear at all costs, is not your way You’ll have to settle for having a impersonal photocopy shops result. You could be wastin one of few occasions and then be told: “you are fine”.

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