Two tables before meals

Which one of you go to the doctor and instead of communicating your symptoms he says: I could use this medicine!
You sit in front of a professional with your diagnosis already well made and finished. You already know everything, you do not speak of you and of your symptoms.

Diy project

Believe me, other big companies or contract companies, in all other cases the customer already believes to know what to do. Private or local managers, come to me saying I want to do this and I would like to do that. It ‘s inevitable, no one has ever explained that maybe it is not very profitable to go to the doctor and tell him: It may prescribe two tablets before meals? These clients already have a set plan: I have seen this in a magazine she’ll be fine here. Try going to a doctor saying that you want to take the pills because a friend… Or he will whisk you out of his office, or try to make you understand what you need. I’m already pretty sure that with a DIY project the outcome will not be anything interesting to the exclusion of the fantastic photos of your kittens hanging everywhere mind you!

How to do a project with an architect

The architects are known to be arrogant and obnoxious, and above you will never hear. I have heard of some who have even devoured customers. You come beautiful ready with your diagnosis… hem project! and started to talk about details and them? There are not even listening! If you are lucky few will stop you and tell you: Stop! Let’s start from the beginning I am not joking! It happened recently to be presented to a person through one by a satisfied customer. He begins to describe her speaking to ideas of insignificant detail, the insulation thickness, a tube that he wanted to move… And then he tells me that perhaps is considering to move from a house to an attic. I made an appointment, and as homework, I told him to stop wasting time on the details and to make an assessment first and foremost on their living needs. He enjoyed my be directed and realized I was doing it in his interest.

Due compresse prima dei pasti

Two tables before meals

What is an architect so it could be useful to me

Your confidence. Very simple and very direct, but it’s true. If you come with your DIY project, simply still do not trust. For an architect, a project is only a means, you confuse the means with the goal. All your expectations of nice to revolve around those shit kind of tiles. An architect does not matter absolutely nothing to do paper walls, or lemon slices floor.
These are all choices made later according to time and budget expectations.

Talk about you

Whether it is the private residence project, speak of those who will live, your habits, your expectations, the emotions you want your project send you. If it is a project for a lounge, hotel or an activity it is different, it is called the brand, and target audience, in this case the project will have to be functional in order. In this phase, the designer is a psychologist, you will learn to trust based on what you will listen, interpret your or your customers needsCareful who you speak, those who really do? There is often only a way to say we do the living room or the bar so, and never have to wonder why you choose one thing over another . You will be pleased to find someone to tell you: enough! because you really will matter, as long as you let it work. They are obnoxious? I like to do things right. If you need a poor advice you have really wrong address.

If I do a DIY project i spend less

It is absolutely not true. from here I refer you to my article on how much a projectAs already mentioned the phase of initial knowledge is very important, we are talking about needs, expectations, and budget! Of course do not expect that it makes sense to contact an architect to ask if it is better to move the enclosure to a wall rather than another. The project is value for both if it has a certain completeness.

Due compresse prima dei pasti

Two tables before meals

Trust architect

When you have finally decided to ask for a project to an architect can be an added value for you, trust him. If you do not trust and you continue to do your head the project will lose meaning and risk not being satisfedThe architect is a person and you can talk, ask and get to grips. Never would you go to a doctor hidding an allergy just to make him prescribe a medication? The answer you already know. Think carefully before you decide on your own to take “two tablets before meals”

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