Luxury design

If I speak of custom exclusive design, think of luxury design …What is your concept of luxury? Sophisticated, richest, exagerated. We could find many words that can describe the concept of luxury good. …

Design esclusivo personalizzato

Custom exclusive design


What do you think of the term exclusivity?
I think the term that best encapsulates the expression of luxury is just that.
Exclusive means that a thing is not intended for all: For a few.
Remember then immediately all luxury concepts that we know.

Exclusive and luxury lifestyle

Think about it. Your lifestyle, your image, what you eat, how you behave, the house in which you live: They tell you, identify your being, your expectations.
Do you really think that the luxury canons proposed by the companies with series production, will be able to better represent your lifestyle?
How can a luxury product that can be purchased by millions of people to be exclusive? It’s a contradiction, it can never be.
It will never be exclusive for you. It can never represent you in a unique way.

Exclusive and personalized

Be the number 3,456,722 to buy the same luxury item that others bought, does not feel at all exclusive. I demand more from something for which I have a high expectation: an object, a dress, a house. I demand that this object is unique for me, truly exclusive: Custom.
Objects in a numbered and personalized limited edition. Objects with strong customizability, 10,000,000 combinations: unique and different each. My house, built in design. Without compromise, not a choice of finishes 10/05/50. Means not choose from a catalog, it means align at most with our expectations, it means to be unique among endless combinations. This is the real luxury. This is the real exclusivity.

The uniqueness value

When purchasing items, clothing, luxury homes; “Catalog” are doing a good deal Objectively you are purchasing a product “serial”, whose design and production cycle are optimized to cost you as little as possible in a serial production but you are paying a lot because that is a luxury product; it will not be exclusive, it will not be made exclusively for you. If you purchase a customized product you are paying for, a process entirely for you, from concept to production, and optimize a process for a custom product it is different every time and very expensive. This is the only way to get a really unique product, exclusive, that can represent you. In this case you have a very hight process value in relation to the cost you pay, you are making a good deal. You can get an idea here: how much does a project

Design esclusivo personalizzato

Custom exclusive design

How an exclusive product born

Everyone knows that a tailored suit may say as much about the wearer. All this applies to every other element that tells our lives: for your home or for an object A customized product contains in himself the value and uniqueness of the trial, the risk, the idea, the project, the emotion that manages to tell. A truly unique product was created for you and carries your emotions.

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